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"BusinessOne provided me with an opportunity to develop the hard skills I was lacking, from structuring problem questions, conducting focus groups and building slide decks. More importantly, I got to work and learn with talented people to construct a creative expansion strategy for our client."

- Katie Jones, Student Consultant

Role of A Student Consultant

There are three aspects to being a student consultant: 

Drive outcomes in your consulting project

Student consultants are the driving force behind the consulting project for our startup clients. Working in a team of six students, consultants are expected to drive analyses, seek feedback and information from their client and finally, make and test final recommendations. The consulting team's objective is to create positive impact for their client within the project's scope.


Grow at our workshops and networking events

We ensure our consultants are learning and growing via a series of educational workshops and networking evenings. Through providing students the opportunity to mingle with our professional partners and startup clients, we ensure consultants are professionally developing.


Participate in our social community

It's also great fun! We are one of the most socially active organisations on-campus from our weekly drinks to our welcome dinners to Semester getaways. By joining us as a student consultant, you are welcomed into our community of the most talented multidisciplinary students at your University. Make the most of this opportunity and make new friends!

Stay connected!

Quote from TL of BrickX

"Being tasked with tacking a real-life business issue allowed me draw upon the knowledge learnt in courses and apply it to a practical scenario. abilities."

Istvan Kovacs, Student Consultant


Our network of successful alumni is growing every year. The people you’ll meet at BusinessOne are tomorrow’s leaders across many sectors.

In only two years since our launch, our alumni have attained positions at blue-chip companies including Deloitte, PwC, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Macquarie Group, Oliver Wyman, EY-Parthenon, LEK Consulting, BCG and Nous Group. We provide students the foundation to enter competitive industries such as strategy consulting, technology startups, and investment banking, amongst others.

Application Advice

We encourage students from all faculties of study and all years of study to apply! BusinessOne Consulting is a bridge between your textbooks and real business problems, so we're not expecting every applicant to have extensive work experience or perfect marks.

We want to see that you’ve taken advantage of your time in university and high school. We recognise all kinds of achievements, from captaining your local volleyball team, to working with other societies, through to experience as an intern or an analyst. If you’ve been busy building yourself and your brand, you should feel confident in your application!

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